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A star is born – new French Emmanuel Macron

He is young, handsome and eloquent. With his energy and radiance is Emmanuel Macron France's John F. Kennedy. But does he have a policy? 

The Fifth Republic of France from 1958 was tailor-made for and by General Charles de Gaulle. He believed that a country with more cheeses than days had to have a strong leader – who stood above and gave guidance to the people's parliamentarism. Since 1965, when the presidency was elected directly by the people and no longer by the Senate, de Gaulle created the reality show of his time: Anyone, as long as they can maneuver out rivals and enemies, can advance their candidacy for the stronghold of power – and move straight into the castles they beheaded. . .

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Paal Frisvold
Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

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