A tribute to the strong immigrant mothers

With Out of the shadows Shazia Majid (b. 1974) has written a long-awaited and important book about the hard and long struggle against equality for immigrant women in our country. It all starts with the fathers who immigrate to Norway because there is work to be had here. Then the mothers leave their home country and move to Norway, and eventually their children are born. The book is divided into two parts, "The Mothers" and "The Daughters", which contain several detailed essays.

Majid's most important focus is the Norwegian-Pakistani community, but the book tells just as much the story of my Turkish-Kurdish background and identity. As one of the second-generation immigrants, or the "second-generation Norwegians" as Majid calls us – with my Turkish-Kurdish parents who immigrated to Norway in the 70s / 80s; my father in 1978 and my mother in 1987 – I am shocked by the horrific treatment our parents. . .

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