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To return to the Balkans

The Unforgiven / Shapeshifters
Regissør: Lars Feldballe-Petersen/Sophie Vukovic
(Finland og Danmark/Sverige)

Two documentaries portray people who for various reasons had to leave the former Yugoslavia. For equally different reasons, they also return.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

"My name is Esad Landzo. I've been a prison guard in the Celebici prison camp [in Bosnia and Herzegovina]. I really did terrible things. ”That's how the documentary begins The Unforgiven, a film about the difficulties and possibilities of healing from a dark past. Landzo himself articulates the core question: "Would I be able to forgive someone like me?" He has committed heinous crimes, including torture and murder. Does he deserve a normal life? How can he possibly get this? And what about his victims?

The Unforgiven had its world premiere during CPH: DOX in March, and immediately brings the viewer up to date with the story: the Bosnia war started in 1992. . .

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