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A voice from Poland

ESSAY: It is embarrassing to look at how horrible the Law and Justice Party (PiS) and the government are behaving. We sign signature campaigns.

I feel a little like the little prince, the one who lands on a rare planet. In a way, I'm alone here, locked in, locked down, as we all are, just as the Communists wanted: "In all countries, unite!" So we seem united against an invisible enemy. I am a boxer fighting this invisible enemy, without the audience, and this game seems to have no end. Here is my small, private planet, while the larger planet is called Poland.

Governments in many countries decided to take care of the weakest – incredible in the age of global belief in progress. Instead of growth and increased profits, we decided to lock in to protect the old and the weak.

But, on my planet, I am not allowed to sleep at night. And poets should not write about politics.
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