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A world that is subtle, beautiful, ugly and strange

Where art belongs
Forfatter: Chris Kraus
Forlag: ATLAS forlag (Danmark/USA)
ART: Does the artist today work constantly burdened by network care, communication and visibility, without producing anything truly created? Chris Kraus gives his
bid on what an artistic work should be.

Dear Truls, Ever since you as an editor gave me the opportunity to write for Le Monde diplomatique, we have had many conversations about art and capitalism. Something that also finds expression in your MODERN TIMES. For me, these publications have not only been journalistic writing spaces, but also platforms for a way of life. The common interests and inspirations have over the years helped to create a continuous energy. A conversation slides into the script, amplifies a conversation, supports a movement that is already in progress. Some of it slips into one's other writings, one's book projects like. . .

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Alexander Carnera
Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

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