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Abusers and victims

Film Festival HRHW: As 15 year old, Omar Khadr is captured by Americans after a gunfight in Afghanistan. It is the beginning of a long period of torture. Guantanamo's Child throws a critical spotlight on Omar's situation.

Guantanamo's Child: Omar Khadr
Directed by: Patrick Reed and Michelle Shephard

Towards the end of the Vietnam War, the film collective Winterfilm makes the documentary Winter Soldier (1972): a frantic observation of the so-called Wintersoldier investigation into 1971, a media event in which American war veterans were told of war crimes committed during the Vietnam War. The soldiers' testimony tells of indoctrination and mental breakdown during the training period before being sent to Vietnam. We are told of a systematic dehumanization of the enemy (via a dehumanization of themselves) that led many soldiers to treat Vietnamese as objects.
The soldiers tell of self-experienced experiences: children who were shot because they were a nuisance; prisoners of war thrown out of helicopters into the air; bodies cut and emptied of intestines; women who were raped; villages that were massacred. We get this information while looking at intense and claustrophobic close-ups of. . .

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