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After the EU elections: Europe – what now?

GREEN CHOICE: In the future, border control, defense policy and climate will be some of the most important tasks for the European Parliament, which has now been filled by representatives of the Greens.

Europe has spoken. Participation in the elections to the European Parliament increased by 8 percentage points from 2014 and just over 50 percent. The turnout is significant and shows an ever so small sign of the phenomenon many have swept away: There is a European political space. Politics is not just a national matter. Because when industry and business use technology and capital to ravage the earth's resources, working conditions and democracy itself, politics follows. "Voters see the link between societal challenges at the national and international levels," Sylvain Kahn, a professor of geography and history at Science Po in Paris, told Le Monde newspaper. Voters want to find solutions to the climate crisis, migration pressures, tax issues and trade wars – all issues where countries alone are powerless against the great powers. . .

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Paal Frisvold
Writer for MODERN TIMES on Europe issues.

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