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Last night, editor Hilde Haugsgjerd in the evening wrote a comment about the assault rapes in Oslo, called "Women's own responsibility". Has the feminist become a reactionary?


In your comment in Aften, you write that "unfortunately the biggest responsibility for avoiding being raped on the street must be taken by women themselves." Do you really think that a rape is the victim's responsibility? – No. It is not the victim's fault, a rape is solely the fault of the perpetrator. But in their own interest, women should take the greatest responsibility for avoiding exposure to rape, as women themselves have the most effective methods of preventing rape. One could wish that it was different, but the practical reality is that the most effective way to avoid being raped is to take some precautions yourself.

You want women to "stop walking alone through the city at night", to "spend money on a taxi home", "make sure to accompany someone, or (…) go home early enough that there is still people's life in the streets." So are there women in Oslo who must restrict their freedom of movement for fear of avoiding assault rapes? – Yes, unfortunately this is the consequence.

If we are to take this logic quite far, is it possible to ask whether the Guantanamo detainees are responsible for the torture they are subjected to, because those bearded Muslim men were so stupid as to stay in Afghanistan at any given time? – I simply do not want to answer such a pointed question. I see that this comment has created engagement, I have received a lot of feedback and see that many disagree with me, but also. . .

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