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Sunday 17 December Solveig Fiske is inaugurated as new bishop in Hamar by Rosemarie Køhn. The spirit of Rose must be continued in the liberal diocese.

What qualifies you for the important job of bishop? – I have a broad church experience. I have been a priest since 1982, held leadership positions in the church, and I have also been a human resources manager.

With your marriage ceremony there are still three female bishops in Norway. Why is it important for female bishops?

- It is important that both sexes are represented at all levels in society, including the church. I have been interested in this for a very long time. Both sexes in the church take care of an important idea that equality should be expressed through equality at all levels in the church. At the same time, it is central for everyone to be able to identify with the church.

You advocate for quotas for women. . .

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