The writing of the aging man

At the edge. The memories of a still living / But I am here after all
Forfatter: Torben Brostrøm/Jørgen Leth 
Forlag: Gyldendal (Danmark)
90-year-old Torben Brostrøm and 80-year-old Jørgen Leth give us experienced words about old age, life and death.

Recently, I visited my grandmother to say goodbye before traveling with the family to settle in the United States for half a year. At one point during our visit, she told me that she might have died while we were away. I did not think about it further, because my grandmother sometimes talks about the fact that she will probably die soon. That her birthday is probably the last. That it's not good to know if she's here next year. But when we gave one last goodbye hug to the door, she started to get water in her eyes, her voice cracked over, and finally. . .

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