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Never more war?

Can a third world war based on allegations be thrown at us? Our allies have deployed doomsday weapons in large numbers – a major war today puts all life at risk.

This article is machine translated by Google from Norwegian

One shot was enough to start humanity's first world war. We should pay close attention to this, now that war-mad men are once again engaging in dangerous flirtations with world peace. No one reaped glory and no one wanted to blame 18 million dead, suffering and destruction. When the volleys of gunfire subsided, Europe's mantra was, "Never again war." Not long after, Germany embarked on large-scale rearmament. Some warning voices pointed out that no one mobilizes in this way without wanting war, but the voices drowned, and the occupation came as a throw at us.

When peace resumed, 55 millions of Europeans were killed and more than 11 millions were on the run. "Never more war," Europe agreed unanimously during a protracted enmity between two icy fronts that thawed in the 90 century. But the signs of spring gave no ground for a peaceful future.

The Norwegian government says YES to the world's most devastating weapon.

The United States is the only superpower that has used nuclear bombs against war targets. That put us off – for a while. The images from the US sentencing on Nagasaki and Hiroshima gave goosebumps, but now we have completely forgotten to fear nuclear weapons – although there are more of them than ever. The United States has lately invested heavily in "improving" such, and we are blindly and blue-eyed by the great power and care less about other people in distant lands who pay dearly for the "defense alliance "'s unnecessary wars against countries that have not threatened the least.

Silent voices. The war against Iraq was provably started with American lies. Gaddafi was wrongly portrayed as the enemy of his own people. Then Russia was reinstated as the main threat and Assad black painted. We should know – but have forgotten – that every time a nation in the US superpower goes to press, this kind of propaganda is produced, which we must not believe without the conditions being thoroughly checked ..

Chemical weapons are prohibited, while the threat of nuclear bombs is subdued. The Norwegian government says YES to the world's most devastating weapon. They cannot say NO because of NATO membership. When Trump just tweeted a declaration of war and challenged the arch-enemy to battle because of yet another alleged poison gas attack, I held my breath, but strangely didn't hear a word about what it would mean for our country.

Kari Elisabet Svare
Svare is a member of Grandmothers for Peace.

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