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Alice in Warland

The Age of Jihad. Islamic State and the Great War in the Middle East
Forfatter: Patrick Cockburn
Forlag: Verso Books
The West has believed in miracles in the Middle East, claims star journalist Patrick Cockburn. 

Patrick Cockburn is one of the most respected journalists in the world, and has for many years reported from the Middle East to The Independent. Not infrequently, his predictions have proven to hold true – among other things, his predictions of how conditions would develop after the US invaded Iraq in 2003 were so accurate that it caught the attention of the world's leading politicians.

Great source of knowledge. Cockburn knows the conditions in the region in depth, and even a reader who plows through kilvoys of newspapers every day to stay up to date may be surprised by new details and connections.

The Western world has long suffered from "Alice in Wonderland Syndrome" when it comes to the Middle East, he believes: the belief that "six impossible things will happen before breakfast". One of these impossible things was that it was possible to destroy IS and at the same time get rid of Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad. Cockburn believes the United States and its allies in Europe refused to realize that al-Assad's fall would create a power vacuum that would inevitably be filled by IS and al-Qaeda-like depositors

From the inside. The Age of Jihads greatest value lies in the close eyewitness accounts of people who have been wounded during wars in the area. The author writes that the best way to learn about what is going on in a war-torn country is to visit the military. . .

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Henning Næss
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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