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Alice Walker, Anti-Semitism and the Price of Conscience

NO PLATFORMING / Under the heat of the Israel lobby, The Bay Area Book Festival humiliated one of the most gifted and courageous writers in the United States, Alice Walker. Do you remember her writing The Color Purple, for which she received the prestigious Pulitzer Prize?

  1. April 2022: You have to pay a high price to have a conscience. But even truer: You have to have courage if you want to follow it. The dogs of hell will nail you to the cross, hammer nails through your hands and feet as they grin like vicious animals, it will foam at their mouths as they proclaim respect for human rights, freedom of speech and diversity.

I've seen this happen lately Alice Walker, one of the most gifted and courageous writers we have in the United States. Walker, who was awarded Pulitzer Prizes for his novel The Color Purple , has felt the bitter sting of racism. She refuses to remain silent about the situation of the oppressed, including the Palestinians.

"When I come out with a book, or something that will place me in public, in the world, I am attacked as a person I do not recognize," she said when I reached her on the phone.

"If I were to keep track of all the attacks against me over the last few decades, I would not be able to. . .

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