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American Jews' agony of conscience

A flock of older, well-educated Jews who cheer, clap and jump, who obsess over every sentence that comes out of their mouths to a populist clown with clown hair. What on earth has happened?


Suddenly I remembered where I had seen it before. The same face. The same protruding chin that creates an impression of power and determination. The same way to talk. A sentence, and then a pause to receive the crowd's shouting applause. The same unmistakable combination of monster and clown. I saw him a lot in childhood when he was in all the news channels.

Benito Mussolini. Rome. Piazza Venezia. Il Duce on the balcony, the huge crowd below in the square, screaming and applauding as they yell. A mass organ of thoughtlessness. This week I saw and heard it again – on TV this time.

Of course it was also many differences when Presidential candidate Donald Trump spoke in Washington DC, the modern version of ancient Rome. That time was Il Duce bald and therefore always wore a great, tailor-made hat. Trump's trademark is the orange hair, which (according to his own butler) he carefully styled on his own. Mussolini spoke Italian – one of the world's most beautiful languages ​​even when it comes out of the mouth of a dictator. Trump speaks American English, a language not even the most passionate admirer can call melodic.
But the biggest difference is the audience. Il Duce spoke to a Roman flock, a modern version of the ancient Roman subclass that had not long after screamed for blood on the scene.
Trump spoke – amazingly enough! – to a collection of elderly, wealthy and well-educated Jews. Jews, for God's sake! People who, in their quiet minds, consider themselves to be the most intelligent on Earth! Jews in the desert shouting, clapping and jumping up and down after every sentence as if they were possessed. What happened to these Jews?

It is a sad story. During World War II, when the Holocaust was in full swing, American Jews behaved quietly. They did little or nothing to use their already considerable political power to do anything noteworthy to save the Jews in Europe. They bowed. They were afraid of being accused of war.
Once upon a time, someone gave me a Nazi brochure that had been dropped by the German Air force over American lines in Italy. The brochure showed a fat, ugly Jew who embraced a blond American girl. There was something like "while your blood is flowing here, rich Jews are seducing your boyfriend at home"!
The Jews were afraid to do anything that could confirm the Nazi propaganda that this was a war initiated by the Jews and their followers, "President Rosenfeld", To destroy the Aryan race. So they stayed quiet.
These Jews had come to America one or two generations earlier. The Holocaust victims were their closest relatives. Conscientiousness over their lack of reactions as the Holocaust took place continues to haunt them – especially the elderly.

Over the next 100 years, Israel will become a narrow-minded, nationalist, even fascist, isolated apartheid state with a growing Arab majority.

Their blind loyalty to the "Jewish state" is a result of these qualms of conscience. Many American Jews feel more attached to Israel than to the United States. The British slogan "my country, right or wrong" is imposed on them by Israel.
This is Trump's audience at the mass meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). AIPAC is a group that manifests Jewish power and Jewish complexes. It is, in a way, a delayed actualization of the well-known Russian falsum Zion's protocols appear about the Jews who rule the world. This is reportedly the second most powerful lobbying organization in the United States (after the weapons industry lobbying organization).
How on earth did a small political organization, some 60 years ago, reach such staggering heights? Jews are far from the largest ethnic community in the United States. But as a result of a built-in fear of anti-Semitism, they stick together. And more importantly, they donate money. Much money. In both respects, they outperform other communities that are far larger, such as the Arab.

The American The political process, once admired by democracy advocates from around the world, is now largely corrupt. Political campaigns are both necessary and expensive. Everyone in the race for the presidential title needs a ton of money. Hunting for money is the main occupation of an American politician. In today's United States, almost all politicians can literally be bought and paid for. The same goes for entire party organizations. The sums are not even particularly impressive. AIPAC has led this corruption to the extreme.
AIPAC demonstrates its power through statutory examples. They are not content with denying money to politicians who have criticized Israel in any way. They have also actively gone in to sabotage the critics' political careers by hand-picking political insignificance that they then run full of money to get them elected to the critic's place. If there is something called political terrorism, AIPAC will take the cake.

What is used this boundless power to? Israeli journalist Gideon Levy recently wrote an article that shocked many, claiming that AIPAC is in fact an anti-Israeli organization. If the article had been penned by me, it would have been even more extreme. If, god forbid, the state of Israel does not survive the next 100 years, historians will put much of the blame on American Jews with AIPAC at the forefront.
Since 1967, Israel has faced a simple but crucial choice: either let go of the occupied Palestinian territories and achieve peace with Palestine and the entire Arab and Muslim world – or cling to the territories, build settlements and continue an endless war. This is not a political view, it is a historical fact. Any true friend of Israel will do anything to push Israel in the first direction. Every dollar and every touch of political influence should be used for this purpose. Then the two states – Israel and Palestine – will live side by side, perhaps in some kind of federation.
An anti-Semite will push Israel in the opposite direction. Over the next 100 years, Israel will become a narrow-minded, nationalist, even fascist, isolated apartheid state with a growing Arab majority.
The entire country will eventually become an Arab state with a steadily declining Jewish minority. Everything else is an illusion.

So what is what does AIPAC do? In Goethes Faust the devil Mephistopheles is described as a force that always desires evil, and always achieves good. AIPAC is the exact opposite. They support the existence of a "Jewish state," but push it insistently in the direction of a new, enormous disaster in Jewish history.
They have an excuse, of course: that it is the Israelis themselves who have chosen this direction. That AIPAC supports only those elected by the Israelis in democratic elections. That Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.
Of course, this is just stuff. Both AIPAC and its sister organizations are deeply involved in Israeli elections. They support the extremely right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the entire right-wing spectrum of Israeli parties.
Maybe I should blame American Jews in general. It is not only AIPAC, but also millions of other American Jews who unequivocally support Israel.
But this may be an outdated view: I have been told that a new generation of Jews in the United States is turning its back on Israel, and even supporting Israeli haters. In that case, it is a pity. These young Jews could play an important role in reviving the Israeli peace camp instead, and doing their part for enlightened Israel by upholding old Jewish values ​​such as peace and justice.
I do not quite see how this can happen. What I see are young and progressive American Jews quietly leaving the stage, leaving the new American Mussolini and his dizzy, shouting and jumping Jews in the spotlight.

Avnery (b. 1923) is an Israeli peace activist and a regular contributor to Ny Tid.
Commentator in Ny Tid. Avnery is a former member of the Knesset in Israel. Israeli journalist and peace activist (born 1923).

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