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A revolt lit by political stagnation

"This rebellion is not going to die out," says Palestinian journalist and author. Can the third intifada be the last?

Yet another popular uprising has started in the Palestinian districts, and has now smoldered for two months. The established factions do not appear to have played any role in igniting these glares, while the youth have been given an opportunity to create results after the hope of political breakthrough has faded. Far away on the horizon, at 21 years distance, we look back at the signing of the Oslo Agreement.
The Palestinian youths who started the current intifada in early October hope that this will be the last intifada. They hope that the occupation, which has now been in 48, will end this year. They hope to achieve an independent state – after politics and negotiations between different factions have failed to achieve anything for their future.

Many lost lives. Let's go back to 1978, when an Israeli jeep drove down four Palestinians in Jabalya in northern Gaza, and then-Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir was Yassir. . .

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