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Anarchist, filmmaker, author and poet

CHRONICLE: Lithuania is in many ways the documentary nation among the Baltic countries. A focus at the Cinematheque in Oslo is this weekend Jonas Mekas, with exhibition and films.

Jonas Mekas was born i 1922 i Seminars i Lithuania and died in 2019 in New York City – 97 years old. He was a Lithuanian-American filmmaker, artist, poet, founder of the Anthology Film Archives in New York, and a leading figure in American avant-garde film. I first became aware of him via the Oslo Film Club, which showed his gripping and groundbreaking film The Brig in the late 1960s. Several of his films were later imported to Norway by the film club's passionate souls Tore Erlandsen and Kjell Billing. A selection of photographs from his long and unique work as well as his film Memories of a journey (1972) will be shown at the Cinematheque this weekend during Baltic Film Days.

Towards the end of World War II, Jonas and his brother Adolfas were arrested and placed in a German concentration camp in Elmshorn vest. . .

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Jan Erik Holst
Holst was educated at the Department of Film Studies and later at the Dramatic Institute in Stockholm. He has been a film club leader, cinema director, film critic, film producer and university and college teacher in film and director of the Norwegian Film Institute from 1988 – 2014.
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