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Making the desert green

The Great Green Wall
Regissør: Jared P. Scott

CLIMATE CHANGES: Musician Inna Modja travels along the 8000-kilometer route for Africa's ambitious Great Green Wall project, where a wall of trees will stretch across the continent.

"Our hope comes with the rain," says a farmer The Great Green Wall. He has been a farmer in Senegal for 27 years, but due to more frequent periods of drought and increased desertification, the crops are becoming smaller. The semi-arid Sahel region borders the Sahara in the north and extends like a belt across the African continent. The region is among the areas that have so far been hit hardest by climate change; the consequences are resource scarcity, mass migration and conflicts. The young have been given a new mantra: "Go to Europe or die in the trial." Many risk the very dangerous journey via Libya rather than a future without food on the table for neither themselves nor the family.

The documentary, which had its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival in September, outlines a third alternative to starvation or exile – an alternative that requires collective action: the Great Green Wall is a pan-national tree planting project initiated by the African. . .

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Carmen Gray
Gray is a regular film critic in Ny Tid.

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