Most of us have done certain things as young people, or at other times in life, which we think back to with remorse. But, of course, some have committed youth sins with more serious consequences than others. Take American William Powell, for example, the main character in the documentary American Anarchist. When he was an allegedly angry, young man – specifically 19 years old in 1969 – he wrote the countercultural underground publication The Anarchist Cookbook.

Dangerous recipes. The book contains very pointed texts where Powell calls for an armed revolution, as well as recipes for how to produce various forms of weapons, explosives and drugs. It contains illustrated instructions for making LSD on the kitchen counter, tear gas in the basement or bombs in any room you prefer. Much of this knowledge Powell himself had found openly available under the section on military manuals at the library in New York, where he lived when he wrote it in a few months. . .

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