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Animation for adults

Animated films are not just pranks – and never have been.

The Star Wars saga never seems to end. Now it's the screenplay for Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The film is intended as a launch fanfare for a separate TV series about the clone war, the mythical period in the period between the last two films in the series' last trilogy.

This time, however, George Lucas has released Hayden Christensen and the other actors and produced an animated film.
With this approach, Lucas signals that the series is primarily aimed at the younger age groups. Animated films often give that signal effect. And even though the Star Wars films have had a good grip on adults, it is doubtful whether they will queue to buy tickets this time.

Just sex and violence?

Animation with adult appeal is often defined on the basis of how much sex and violence they contain. However, this will be. . .

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