Anti-racism as a totalitarian ideology

The Madness of Crowds. Gender, Race and Identity
Author: Douglas Murray
Publisher: Bloomsbury Continuum, USA

IDENTITY: Instead of placing each other in identity-political booths and categories and inflicting shame on each other, we should rather develop a greater degree of forgiveness and generosity.

Douglas Murray is an author and journalist and has written several books on identity politics, including immigration issues and immigration.

We like to claim that we are color blind, but in reality we are obsessed with color. How can I, as a white person, understand myself and my own role towards people of color if I also claim that there is no difference between us?

Douglas Murray writes that God is dead, and what struggles we must fight in the post-religious society. We are now fighting a constant battle against everyone we believe is on the "wrong side" of the new truths we have built up in the shadow of God's death, the author writes.

We try to nail each other to the cross of shame and guilt.

The truth has become human, far too human. This means that you can quickly end up on the wrong side of the moral divide between good and evil when you begin to question the prevailing politically correct moral worldview: “Are you in opposition to social justice? What do you want? Social injustice? »

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Henning Næs
Literary critic in MODERN TIMES.

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