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Apocalypse and hope for the future

The Vienna Alphabet exhibition showcases Keith Haring's artistry, which is strongly influenced by his violent contemporary, where the baby represents the only, shining hope.

Keith Haring
EXHIBITION: The Alphabet
Albertina Museum in Vienna, Austria
16. March – 24. June 2018

With the exhibition The Alphabet at the Albertina Museum in Vienna, American Keith Harings (1958-1990) presents very comprehensive and political art, where sex, violence, racism, discrimination and popular culture are central themes. The exhibition reflects the time Haring lived in and serves as a timeline from his birth to death.

The subway

Haring's artwork started in earnest on the New York subways. He drew white chalk on top of the glossy, unused, black papers for advertising and communicated in this way with the New Yorkers. laboratory, as Haring himself put it, where he got to experiment and develop his artistic ideas.

Herring never had children, though radiant baby became the most important and well-known element of his visual alphabet.

The exhibition is located on the ground floor, on the ground floor of the Albertina Museum, just like the subway. I take the escalator down, and along the walls hang photographs, just like billboards, of various political events of his time: the Vietnam War, the assassination of Martin Luther King, the nuclear accident on Three Mile Island, the Jonestown massacre, the gas tragedy in Bhopal, the financial crisis in New York , the assassination. . .

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Pinar Ciftci
Ciftci is a journalist and actor.

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