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The confessions of an apolitical girl

A German Life
Goebbels' self-proclaimed apolitical secretary tells his version of historical events. The result is an important document for posterity, but is this all we need?

The Austrian documentary A German Life consists mainly of interview footage with the then 104-year-old Berlin-born Brunhilde Pomsel. Pomsel was one of the few who took part in Hitler's bunkers during the last, fateful days in Berlin. The intimate interview is broken up into chapters of partly shocking archive recordings, including from the ghetto in Warsaw. The footage, filmed by Germans, shows emaciated skeletons, naked Jewish corpses, women, children and men sliding into a mass grave on a wooden slide. At the bottom of the huge ditch, they are stacked like logs so that as many people as possible can fit. A woman who is let down has a terribly painful facial expression that seems frighteningly tormented and at the same time alive – though. . .

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Hans-Georg Kohler
Kohler is a regular reviewer for Ny Tid. Artist.

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