WAR INDUSTRY:When the oil age is over, we can survive war - if we turn right. Drama series Made in Norway raises ethical issues for the Norwegian arms industry.

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Published: 2020-03-12
Made in Norway - For security and peace
Regisør: NRK Radio Theater

On Thursday, March 12, NRK Radio Theater will premiere on the thrill series Made in Norway. It is a hearing games for six episodes on Norwegian arms trade.

The drama series starts with Norwegian soldiers in Iraq, under American command, being ordered out on a mission and revealing that rebels have weapons stockpiles with rockets manufactured at Raufoss. This scenario is not unrealistic and it strikes me. I grew up on Raufoss, and I worked in Central America when missiles from my hometown were used by rebels fighting against Norway's political allies. The relationship was denied by the ammunition factory until the facts could not be refuted. The Norwegian authorities were embarrassed.

Ethical issues

Norwegian arms trade to colorful addresses, be it to Jair Bolsonaros Brazil, to the emir of Kuwait or to the dictatorship of…

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