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The disappearance of the species

Radiation: Researchers have made mobile radiation findings that should give us all a bad night's sleep.

The telecommunications companies have high expectations for 5G – including "100 times faster". 5G will provide the "Internet of Things" infrastructure for all the world's smart services and a greener society. 5G will also ensure new growth in communication volume. But research shows that the future cannot be wireless. The system amplifies particle sheds that weaken cell-based life. We already know their effects from 2G, 3G and 4G, among other things by the fact that they form low frequencies that "ride" on the microwaves, and thus open a Pandoras. . .

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Einar Flydal
Flydal is a pensioner with a background as a researcher and senior advisor in the Telenor Group and a university lecturer at NTNU.

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