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The defense must be opened

The secrecy surrounding Norwegian soldiers' missions abroad damages the Armed Forces.

Bloody blingbling

Blood Diamond and the documentary Bling draw bloody ties between glitter fever in American hip hop and the civil war in Sierra Leone.

Complete commerce

July 21, Komplett.no Arena opens in Sandefjord. Norway is one of the best countries in adapting to the commercialization of football.

The anti-heroes of the time

Homer Simpson and his "dad" Matt Groening have revolutionized popular culture over the course of 20 years. New Time met the latter.

Housewife's revenge

The anti-feminists have good times in the community holidays. The government should use the opportunity to remove the cash subsidy.

Cultural thieves

Norway lacks a literature policy for digital texts that can protect the authors' working conditions.


Because nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases, the nuclear power industry has gained more followers. But the leaks from the Japanese nuclear power plant last week show that one does not solve the climate problems by reinforcing another problem, says Lars Haltbrekken, leader of the Norwegian Nature Conservation Association.

- Children were guinea pigs

The world's largest pharmaceutical company Pfizer is being sued for a total of 58 billion in Nigeria.

New movie president?

The unknown joker in the Republican primary is Ronald Reagen cloning Fred Thompson.

Bestiality of our time

The reason behind female genital mutilation is found in countries where this is tradition. Maybe the solution is there too.

The third way on

Class differences are no longer crucial. Here are five proposals for the renewal of the left in the age of globalization.


Minister for Children and Gender Equality Karita Bekkemelem believes openness and public debate are of great importance for the fight against genital mutilation.

- A lifelong struggle

Over 90 percent of women in Somalia are circumcised. Edna Adan Ismail is a pioneer in the fight against the dangerous tradition.

The art of archiving

In the archive we organize events, or traces of them, in relation to what we think is worth remembering. Art makes us doubt again.

Party in Wonderland

With the Hovefestival, Norway finally got a real festival feeling.

Invasion champion Steven Spielberg

– When I can bring someone from another galaxy and into our own world, it inspires me to the fullest, says Steven Spielberg to Ny Tid. That's why there was a movie about the robot games Transformers.

When the future lands

The launch of Apple's iPhone was a school example of successful marketing. But is the novelty more than a costly toy for the tech upper class?

More brains and hands!

The outer right and left wings have found each other in the fear of foreign labor.


The left's deputy leader Olaf Thommessen gets shut down by the Immigration Committee, but continues his liberal line. He will now transfer the responsibility for labor immigration to the new regions.

A game with people

In football, human trafficking takes place in increasingly sophisticated ways. And while Europe's big clubs tempt African talents with wealth and fame, the African clubs are decaying.

Feeling out of poverty

Norwegian agents are increasingly traveling to poor countries to sniff out football talents. With that, Norwegian football is changing, while the young boys are investing in the future to participate in Europe's football industry.

Letter from Tora Bora

The Americans almost managed to break Al Qaeda in 2002, but then they invaded Iraq.

A question of history

What is the meaning of life? Terry Eagleton takes up the thread from the guys in Monty Python.

Tour the doping

The whole point of the Tour de France is to push the riders to the extreme, and preferably a little further.

Collaborate or counteract?

The cane conservative agricultural leaders act as a plug in the system, preventing increased production of eco-food.