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Wrong medicine

SV won the match against the age limit for marriage, but the compromise is just as bad.

- PFU does not consider ethics

The Press's Academic Committee ignores ethics and only considers technology, says Paul Bjerke.

Fuck for Africa

There are many ways to save the world.

Tranquility, tranquility for fishing

Did Janne Haaland Matlary think she was with Tore Skoglund in Rorbua?

Sex on the box

When sex becomes exercise, it loses meaning.

More cannon fodder

Yet another reminder that there is unparalleled authorship.

Art's clone dives?

Petroleum reserves in the Barents Sea make the Northern Territories an Eldorado. Now cultural life is also beginning to sprout.

PFU's technical magnifying glass

The Press's Academic Committee does not consider the ethics of the press, but the technique of the press.

- Banned for life

Norway has one of the best doping control systems in the world, but it is still possible to cheat better.

Say yes, you too

It's time to celebrate love – and give everyone the same right to get married.

- Backward employers

Employers who refuse to use Facebook will lose tomorrow's work, says researcher Petter Bae Brandtzæg.

Raw Think

Electric car manufacturer Think is now entering into a cooperation agreement with the world's crude electric car Tesla.

A gentle cannon

Two jovial and slightly authoritarian guides to the literature will talk about "ordinary people" books.

Here comes stupid stupid

Has Marit Eikemo committed a chick lit novel? The question has haunted literary Norway in recent months.

The fall of the Empire

When Prime Minister Tony Blair leaves 27. June, he is co-responsible for the sun setting every night over the British Empire.

In the crossfire

The group that triggered the crisis in Lebanon with a bank robbery has little support in the Palestinian camp it springs from.

Take the city back

International advertising agencies are taking over our cities.

peace pioneers

In the 1950s and 60s, 14.000 Norwegians served for the UN. They were to create peace – almost without training. Ny Tid has gained access to an unpublished survey and tells the little-known story of the first Norwegian peacekeepers.


A new survey shows that Norwegian business leaders believe it is okay that guest workers in Norway get paid less than Norwegian workers. Sigrun Vågeng, director of the NHO, agrees.


Åmås forgets the framework around the debates he directs.

A city between hands

The unique book series Oslo Road Book gives us the city we want – car-free and on rails.

Rocker censorship

At the Midi Festival, China's biggest rock festival, you should not sing about Tibet or genitals.

Film is politics

23. May is the UN deadline for a halt in Iran's uranium extraction. I see big politics behind the Hollywood movie 300.

PST takes hold

The security police will now control which refugees are allowed to come to Norway.