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A closed circle

Several regimes have made it difficult to sell books and impart knowledge in Kabul, but now the city is full of people who want to read.

Borrowing oil money to Israel

With increasing military spending, Israel needs to borrow money abroad.

Terror as a driving force

We fear poultry. We fear cattle. We should fear the fear.

Stop whining

You don't have to love yourself.

Political film revolution

Class struggle, coexistence and refugee quarrels. Is Norwegian film facing a political renaissance?

Europe's Buddhist dictatorship

In the Russian Republic of Kalmykia, south and east of Moscow, close to the Caspian Sea, the only peoples left in Europe after the Genghis Khan's migrations.

On water and freeze-dried food

Trandum internment camp was built for short-term stays. Now foreigners sit there for up to one year. By Gunnar Thorenfeldt, Harald Eraker and Kim Nygård (photo)

Hit, but no longer

Following a historic agreement with Denmark, it is hoped that the Russians will now also comply with Norway's sea requirements.

Here Ratko Mladic slept

Bosnian Serb war criminal Ratko Mladic's days on the loose are numbered. New Time has visited his secret hiding place.

Differences that matter

If political contempt is to be reduced, there must be visible differences between the parties.

- The state's rubbish bin

Trandum internment camp at Gardermoen was built for short-term stays. Now people sit there for up to one year, while being fed freeze-dried food.

Visvas from Vassnes

The problem with Bjørn Vassnes as a science journalist is that he believes he conveys important insights from natural science, and that anyone who criticizes him denies realities.

Caught in the tigers' claws in Norway

Outside his home in Oslo, he was threatened with a gun late one night. The message was crystal clear: If you don't stop criticizing the Tamil tigers, your days are counted. While Norway mediates in Sri Lanka, the Tamil tigers use Norway as a base of power to collect "revolutionary taxes".

Dangerous Obligations

Norwegian soldiers participating in international operations have an independent responsibility to comply with Norwegian law and our international obligations. They often do this in close operational cooperation with forces that sometimes have a flexible relationship with international law or simply ignore it, writes Christian H. Ruge, senior adviser at Fafo

Dangerous tourism

Residents of the city of Izamal in Mexico want to manage the world's cultural heritage. It can cost them dearly. It's a good thing to end up on UNESCO's World Heritage list. It can also destroy some of the world's most beautiful scenery and cultural heritage.

Palestinian cinema

The Academy had to recognize Palestine as a nation. Only then could Hany Abu-Assad's film Paradise be nominated.

- The defense is wrong

The Colonel confirms that he was responsible when Norwegian miners left mines behind.

Take Sophiatown back

Fifty years after the Nationalist Party took power in the famed suburb, the original name is back in place.

The ulnar outer edges of freedom of speech

Because formal rights are created – they do not grow from the ground or fall from the sky – they are fragile.

New Norwegian military camp

The largest Norwegian military camp of the time outside Norway is being built in Afghanistan.

An enemy of the people returns home

Since spring 1988, Odd F. Lindberg has lived as an outlaw. After moving back to Norway, he is again killed on an open street.

News about "the Arctic Stalingrad"

On October 6, 1944, Soviet forces attacked the German occupiers on the Kola Peninsula. A bloody war ended in the north. Sami and other indigenous peoples played a major role in the outcome of the war.

A kite on Safari – China into Africa

Beijing is using aid as a barrier to access Africa's natural resources. Bintumani hotels in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown were looted during the Civil War. Now it has opened again with new Chinese owners. Across Africa, China's presence is increasing.

Europe must accept its Muslims

"Culture" has become an important mask used to hide a racist agenda at home and an expansionist policy outside.

Hamas is the perfect answer to Israel's strategy

Sometimes, one would wish that political metaphors were not so thin. For the result of the Palestinian elections last Wednesday was exactly the "political earthquake" that the world has summarized afterwards.