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News about "the Arctic Stalingrad"

On October 6, 1944, Soviet forces attacked the German occupiers on the Kola Peninsula. A bloody war ended in the north. Sami and other indigenous peoples played a major role in the outcome of the war.

A kite on Safari – China into Africa

Beijing is using aid as a barrier to access Africa's natural resources. Bintumani hotels in Sierra Leone's capital Freetown were looted during the Civil War. Now it has opened again with new Chinese owners. Across Africa, China's presence is increasing.

Europe must accept its Muslims

"Culture" has become an important mask used to hide a racist agenda at home and an expansionist policy outside.

Hamas is the perfect answer to Israel's strategy

Sometimes, one would wish that political metaphors were not so thin. For the result of the Palestinian elections last Wednesday was exactly the "political earthquake" that the world has summarized afterwards.

Miners on wild roads

ENDURING FREEDOM: Norwegian miners in Afghanistan have not just cleared mines. They also deliberately failed to clear mines to protect US soldiers.

Requires washing up

– The Ministry of Foreign Affairs must obtain the documents, Kåre Willoch demands.

Norway and the world

It slammed last week. A sign of the new age? "We think there are many who will join a newspaper ...

Japanese cultural invasion

The year is 2006, and a whole generation of Norwegian young people are Japaneseized by cartoons, cartoons and computer games.

The spirits of Joseph Kony

Before the LRA goes to battle, the soldiers worship a spirit called King Bruce. According to Joseph Kony's teachings, King Bruce is a warrior who is to give ...

With darkness comes the horrors

The war in Northern Uganda is a conspiracy of religious madness and political power struggle.

- I can not give you an answer to that…

Councilor Mona Juul believes she is not in a position to answer for documents that should have been in the Foreign Ministry archives.

New New Time

Dear reader: Welcome to a new chapter. What you have in your hands now is a little piece of press history. Ukeavisa Ny Tid goes from tabloid ...

The root of all evil

Swedish Lars-Johan Liman gets 10.000 questions per second. The United States decides what to answer.


In recent weeks, the temperature and heart rate in the editorial office have been several notches above the average. When the first edition of Ny Tid in a new costume and ...

War and narcissism

Kristopher Schau has now drawn the essence of his anti-humanist project. Particularly interested is finding the complete contract for the sale of Schaus's soul at the online auction QXL in the book. A Norway at War thematizes human evil, despair, stupidity and general ugliness.

The documents that disappeared

Here in Parkveien 45, the Oslo agreement was signed in secret in 1993. It is not possible to find out how the disputed and historic agreement came into being. The papers from the negotiations are without a trace. Have Mona Juul and Terje Rød-Larsen privatized a piece of Norwegian history?

This is what we want with New Time

Our editors have figured out how to proceed Orientering- and the Sigurd Evensmo tradition in the best possible way. Now we need your support on Tuesday.

Stock Exchange and Cathedral

Tom Harald Jenssen is the publishing manager who wants to take over Ny Tid, according to his own statement without wanting to make money. So what does he really want?

Independence is the goal

Club leader Jógvan Gardar explains why all employees in Ny Tid are now asking for support to let Damm take over the weekly newspaper, so that jobs can be secured and new forces added.

Vote against EU service directive

The European Parliament's Market Directive has decided that it is the rules of the companies' country of origin that apply to international trade in services. During 2006, ...

Should Damm Take Over New Time?

We have asked some prominent shareholders and former editors.

OrienteringVeterans support Damm

Both Sigurd Evensmo's son Ivar Evensmo, formerly Orienteringeditor Kjell Cordtsen, Jon Olav Egeland and Ingolf Håkon Teigene believe Damm should take over Ny Tid.

Does New Time have the right to life?

I mean yes.

Alternative agendas?

Capitalists sniff at Ny Tid. The museum guards themselves and behind the scenes Bjørn and Bjørgulv lurk. There is reason to believe that they have different agendas than the old SFs.

Utopia, nostalgia and principle-making

Let us state it as well first as last: If Ny Tid is not quickly provided with external funds of a significant scope, then the Bankruptcy Court is the next stop. In 2006. It is not nonsense, it is not crisis maximization and it is in fact a miracle that it has not happened before.