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Punishments on women's organizations

– I woke up from three shots, but didn't know that one killed my husband. Later, black-clad soldiers came and lit houses and cattle in the village. They gave us ten minutes to get us away – after forcing us to slaughter our chickens and prepare food for them.

A lot to do

THORBJØRN JAGLAND thought maybe he should have peace of mind and criticism as he transitioned from the role of prime minister to the role of foreign minister ....

Doctors sell patient records

Insurance companies pay between NOK 30-40 million annually to doctors to obtain medical records and health information.

The last days of the Passport Union

Are you going to neighboring country on Sunday? Remember the passport, and you must get used to it for all future trips within the Nordic passport union – and the EU.

Imprisoned in his own home

On the roof, Israeli soldiers have established a military post. Outside the door is a guard. This is how the Palestinian nine-child family has lived for four months. Red Cross denied entry.

The barrel makes billions roll

The county authorities are sitting on the value of tens of billions in the health sector. Should the state take over without paying for this?

LO wants Ap-SV government

A majority of LO's district secretaries are positive about government cooperation between the Labor Party and the Socialist People's Party. "Very natural", and "SV and the Labor Party are in line" was the message in Ny Tids ringerunde.

Mouth and hoof disease: An animal plague takes its revenge

Countries that vaccinate their animals against foot-and-mouth disease are "unclean." Since they are vaccinated, they must also have the disease, is the logic. This means that they cannot export to "pure" markets. In 1990, the EU decided that they would belong to the "pure" countries. The way they did it was to ban all vaccination of animals. And the result? The export of meat went straight to heaven, and so did the profits.

A century of barbarism

Why do we refuse to look at our time as an era that regularly and systematically, in a way that is difficult to understand, breeds mass crimes, asks author and journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski.

Global driving rules – how?

The ICC organizes just about everything in the capital of North America, Europe and East Asia. For them, the UN's "global pact" is, first and foremost, a valuable PR measure for a corporate-controlled globe.

Climate policy for the poor and rich

Both the effects of global climate change and the ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are strongly influenced by the skewed distribution of wealth and technology in the world.

Drivers worth more than drug addicts

The state provides crumbs for substance abuse prevention in relation to road safety, despite the fact that as many people die from overdose as on motorways. "This shows that drug addicts are poorly behaved and harassed in every respect," says John Alvheim, chairman of the Storting's social committee.

Got majority for Ap and Sp courtship

Kristin Halvorsen landed an overwhelming majority for collaboration with Ap and Sp at the national meeting this weekend.

The Enox says yes to SV, but no to Ap

The Center Party has many issues they want to fight with the SV, but it will not be in government together with the Ap.

An old mother and her mongoloid son

They are definitely in the wrong places. But there is nothing to do with it. The two people are besieged by uniforms. Papers going ...

Strindberg between light and shadow

August Strindberg did not paint much. But when he painted, it was in effect.

Let's be tricked again

For a few months, the Labor Party has shelved the government party. Now the electoral campaign is being run in full force with the entire state apparatus in position to secure the Labor Party's power – even after the September elections.

Red Roll

"It's the hell to die so young!"

Ex-addicts do not get insurance

Addicts must have been drug-free for five years before they can take out insurance. – Stigmatization, says outreach manager Tommy Husebye.

Election compromise created bitterness

For three days, the nomination committee at the SV national meeting negotiated on the composition of the new central board. By the time the Sunday meeting was over, the compromise was almost in place. And the bitterness to touch and feel. In exchange for a promise from central network members that the network will be shut down, the SV leadership agreed to evict supporters from the central board.

Oil fund without morals

The Norwegian Oil Fund is investing money in the Rio Tinto mining group to which the US Pension Fund reacts strongly. In addition, Norwegian oil money is invested in companies that make land mines, ammunition with depleted uranium and tobacco.

Albanian wound opened in the Balkans

Everything is going so much better now, both in Yugoslavia and Bosnia. But it is precisely the positive developments that can create a new war in the Balkans.

At Rozenheuvel there are no poison syringes…

From the book "Seduced by Death" by Herbert Hendin.

Bumps against the current

Johanne Reutz lost to the Labor Party because she was a woman, but stands back as a winner in history, says author Randi Aas.

He stretched me a cuja

Black tents, row by row in lined lines, black plastic tents. 650 familiar bid here – in 650 black plastic barracks – 2300 human. We were with Sem Terra – the movement of the land lause in Brazil.