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The legacy of Atatürk

Why Turkey is Authoritarian. From Atatürk to Erdogan
Forfatter: Halil Karaveli
Forlag: Pluto Press (England)
The man who founded Turkey as a modern state in 1923 did so on authoritarian grounds. Thus, Erdogan and Atatürk are just two cubits out of one piece, claims Halil Karaveli.

This article was translated by Google and R.E.

For a long time, it was a widespread attitude among observers and analysts that Recip Erdogan's goal was to strengthen Turkey's democracy. It was seen as an important prerequisite for Turkish membership of the EU, and in his efforts to create a more open society with a free and democratic debate, he also took cautious steps to recognize the Armenian genocide.

But then came the apparent turning point. In May 2013, environmentalists demonstrated against public construction plans in Gezi, a large green breathing space in central Istanbul. Authorities responded with unprecedented brutality, but the protests spread to large. . .

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