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AS Norway: A capitalist actor, without sufficient conscience

The future of Norway. On the trail of a greener society
Forfatter: Svein Hammer
Forlag: Vidarforlaget (Norge)
In his new book Svein Hammer makes many interesting reflections on a greener Norway


When I was a kid, I was digging Edward S. Ellis's books about the Indian Deer Foot. He was a true pathfinder and a proud son of the great forests. He interpreted reality and sought to contribute to a better everyday life for all. Today, Hjortefot and his kinsmen are called indigenous peoples, without changing their situation significantly. Ellis' books were hardly of great literary quality, but the stories nevertheless gave the wings wings and stimulated my curiosity about "the others."

Today, Hjortefot and the life his people once lived, for a long time only. . .

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Andrew P. Kroglund
Kroglund is a critic and writer. Also Secretary General of BKA (Grandparents' Climate Action).

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