Theater of Cruelty

Asbjørn Aarnes – a life


A 24-minute portrait of Aarnes (1923–2013), about life, the relationship with God, a life after this, and the meaning of it all. Also about the Other or charity via the philosopher Emmanuel Levinas, and hence Aarnes' thoughts on the importance of family and friends based on the philosophy of powerlessness. Two interviews were conducted eight years apart (2003-2011). See the latest in Le Monde diplomatique, The power of powerlessness June 2011.

The 23-minute film is directed by Truls Lie, editing help by Thomas Knutsen, music help by Helene Arntzen (saxophone, the piece "Lengsel"), produced by Substans Film, and supported by Fritt Ord and the Bergesen Foundation. Asbjørn Aarnes was the main reason why editor Truls Lie got the position as editor of Morgenbladet, when this was re-established in 1992, and then taken over by Lie in 1993. Truls Lie assisted Aarnes with the seminars at the University of Oslo about Emmanuel Levinas around 1990. Aarnes meant a lot for a number of people – such as his work at the University of Oslo, his series of seminars at the College of Humanities and Granavollen. Aarnes was in the editorial staff of Idea and thought 1960-85 and editor of Thorleif Dahl's Library of Culture (1978-2001). He was a member of The Norwegian Academy of Languages ​​and Literature (press 1966-83) and The Norwegian Academy of Sciences, as well as contributing to the journal Minerva. Under Myklebostad controversy in 1957, Aarnes belonged to the circle AH Winsnes, which supported the prosecution in the lawsuit against Myklebostad. From 2005, Aarnes wrote a column in New Norwegian in the newspaper Day and Time, and a selection of these were released in 2006 under the title The rumor of fame. Otherwise look at more Wikipedia If you have a subscription, or have exceeded the number of views, a password will be displayed when the article is opened.

Truls Lie
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Editor-in-chief in MODERN TIMES. See previous articles by Lie i Le Monde diplomatique (2003–2013) and Morgenbladet (1993-2003) See also part video work by Lie here.

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