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At NATO's disposal

NATO: During the NATO exercise Good Heart, the "enemy" were striking workers and named Norwegian organizations.

By Kjell Cordtsen
ORIENTERING Nr. 15/16 1972

Minister of Defense Alv Jacob Fostervoll has stated that this happened without the knowledge of the responsible political authorities and he promised to get to the bottom of the matter.

It may have sounded reassuring.

But in the same interview with Dagsrevyen, Fostervoll stated that plans with a view to calming down internal unrest do not exist in Norway.

It suddenly did not sound full so Calming.

How can the Minister of Defense know this before he may have needed to get to the bottom of the matter?

There is in fact quite detailed evidence that such plans exist – and it then becomes a philological question whether they exist in Norway, or whether they are in a given situation can be used in Norway.

It is now almost three and a half years ago Orientering, as the first Norwegian newspaper, brought photostat copies of such plans, designed at the US headquarters in Europe and signed by General JP McConnell and Major General BE Spivy.

The plans were branded "top secret" and contained guidelines for regular intervention. . .

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