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Kasper Dam Nielsen

"What we want to say 'yes' to."

Kajsa Gullberg: The House of Mirror
BOOK: Photographer Kajsa Gullberg is a Socrates light in the sex club. The photographs from the club are blurred and reddish.

Who dares disappoint the camera?

Jan Dalchow: NAK ED
NUDENESS: Norwegian Jan Dalchow's new documentary series about body shame is honorable, but also trivial and sentimental.

The neglected and aging

Pictures of Jantzen, Larsen, Jakobsen, Caspersen, Kristoffersen: Getaway
PHOTO – GRAN CANARIA: The purpose of the book Getaway has been to investigate the Westerner when he or she "enjoys, dreams, escapes and recovers".

An accurate portrayal of the EU crisis

EUROPE: Is it now about developing a kind of European solidarity, or have we become space polygamous?