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Lars Holm-Hansen

Philosopher and publishing manager at the publishing house Eksistenz.

Out of my self-obsession

Iris Murdoch: The sovereignty of good
MORAL PHILOSOPHY: It has proved extremely difficult to get philosophy to conform to what society at all times considers sensible, reasonable and appropriate.

"The people will be led"

Immanuel Kant: The freedom of philosophy
PHILOSOPHY: Is freedom of speech a matter for scholars? Are Trump and QAnon entitled to free speech? There is much to suggest that Kant would answer no to this question.

The art of keeping the people down

Günter Frankenberg: Authoritarianism. Constitutional theoretical perspectives
THE AUTHORITY: Authoritarian leaders only follow the Constitution as long as they profit from it.

The poet and thinker are individually orchids

Hans-Peter Kunisch: Totnauberg. The story of Paul Celan, Martin Heidegger and your impossible endeavor
cultural history: Celan wanted Heidegger to apologize for supporting Adolf Hitler. With such thinkers, how can they contribute to a society at par with human potential?