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Ola Tunander

Tunander is Professor Emeritus of PRIO. See also wikipedia, hos PRIO: , as well as a bibliography on Waterstone

A Norway between the great powers

Professional intelligence is absolutely necessary to expose political manipulation of the public.

"Ask Vadsø"

Bård Wormdal's book The spy base tells of a Norway that really matters for the power game.

In the pockets of the billionaires

The "war on terror" keeps journalists employed and the population quiet, while the upheaval of the war brings huge gains – to a few.

Saudi Arabia directly involved in 11. September?

The first official US designation of Saudi Arabia as possibly guilty of the 2001 attack is now available.

Who is shooting prime ministers?

The hatred of Olof Palme was intense in several camps when he was killed in 1986, and the theories around who would remove him are many.  

Was the murder of Palme a coup?

Suspiciously many people walked around with walkie-talkies in the area just before the murder of Palme. Ny Tid's journalist was close by on the fateful night when Sweden's prime minister was shot. We ask why the police ignored a number of matching testimonies. 

Was it Russia? – Ukraine is sued

Why is Borge Brende so confident that it was Russia that shot down the Malaysian passenger plane in 2014? 

The letter to Yeltsin

In the autumn of 1991, Boris Yeltsin received a letter. A few months later, during a meeting with lots of vodka and long sauna visits, he got a "deal" with the leaders of Ukraine and Belarus. In practice, they carried out a coup d'état.

The dictatorship of silence

All attack wars start with a lie. Why didn't Norway smell like the pre-Libya bombing? And why is there a consensus not to discuss Norway's responsibilities afterwards?