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Ahmad al-Kabariti

The horror in Gaza is driving people crazy

REPORT: MODERN TIMES reports from inside Gaza. And what does Hamas think about what has happened?

Theater as a necessity

In order to defy the political and social conditions in which they live without falling into vulgarities and counterfeiting, the theater has become indispensable in Gaza.

On the way to a new war on Gaza?

An oppressive summer, a crisis in Qatar and a rationing in Gaza – about two million people are the victims of politics. It goes from bad to worse, and the sound of war can be seen in the distance.

A new artificial harbor and airport outside Gaza?

The people of Gaza are getting poorer and are struggling to survive. But the local fishermen have an idea that might help.

Gaza: If music could muffle the sound of war

"An orchestra today, a state tomorrow," said literary historian and musician Edward Said as he founded the Music Conservatory in Jerusalem. Could there be truth in the slogan?

Can political theater change Gaza?

Political theater is booming in Gaza, which is thirsty for anything that can contribute to change.

The joy of life is not completely dead in Gaza

The people of Gaza have become a tough population. Music, movies and buzzing life on the sandy beaches characterize life, amidst poverty and violence. 

Gaza does not function as anything other than a large prison, possibly as a road to suicide

Gaza has survived three wars in such a short period of time that even ten-year-old children can remember all three. Yet, the people here live in a vacuum of international oblivion after a decade of blockade.

A revolt lit by political stagnation

"This rebellion is not going to die out," says Palestinian journalist and author. Can the third intifada be the last?