Theater of Cruelty

Ahmad al-Kabariti

Can black humor make life easier?

If the people of Gaza breathe in some black humor, it can fuel the belief in change through popular resistance, a Palestinian humor writer believes.

Living in frustration for the ninth year

They risk their lives to get away from a devastated Gaza. For many young people, migration to the EU is the last straw.

The environmental situation chokes everything that gives life

Countdown: It will be unbelievable in Gaza within five years.

The heavy yoke of double oppression

For the women of Gaza, nationality and gender act together in a double pursuit. Partner violence increases in a society characterized by frustration, war and conflict.

The Gaza children do not play like others

A seven-year-old in today's Gaza has experienced three brutal wars. But bleak prospects also create violence among Gaza's children.

From state zero

"The Gaza war has made it necessary to discuss a one-state solution between Israel and Palestine," former Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide said recently. He thus raised the thoughts of several Palestinians and Israelis, as an alternative to the two-state solution from the Oslo Agreement.
- We must devise a completely new philosophy, to get on the right course after the Oslo agreement. We need a new horizon, says Palestinian analyst Mohsen Abu Ramadan to Ny Tid. But on the streets of Gaza City, few are ready for compromise, shortly after the war.

After the bombs

"I would rather die than dig my children out of the ruins," says Mahmoud Younis (49) in Gaza City. Before the war broke out 8. July, farmers in Rafah sold roses to Europe. Now the dead children put in the cold room instead.
There was a ceasefire on Monday, but the conflict continues, reports Ny Tid's correspondent in the Gaza Strip. "Israel is receiving support from Arab countries such as Egypt to end Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood," said analyst Adnan Abu Amer.

Hamas camp in Gaza provides weapons training for children

Through the fire of Hamas

A new generation of warriors is now being trained in the Gaza Strip. Ny Tid has gained an exclusive insight into how the Hamas government in January trained 13.000 children for war, in its own training camps. Palestinian author is critical.

"My goal is to be able to avenge my father, who was killed in an Israeli bomb attack," says Emad (15). The UN also offers Gaza children, but Hamas offers the most "thriller camps".