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Alexander Carnera

Carnera is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen.

Organic grief work

Something in the world has run smoothly – something opaque, animalistic.

Party culture is destroying democracy

PHILOSOPHY: The independent integrity of the politician must trump party ideology for democracy to work, Simone Weil believes.

We are deserts, but populated by tribes

BUSINESS: Globalization, control societies and the digitization of zeros made Deleuze the great fashion philosopher worldwide. Has he become the fuel of digital capitalism?

The unbearable life

Imagination is the most important thing we have for creating collective change, says the authors of Resilient Life. The Art of Living Dangerously. They are critical of the sensitive person of neoliberalism.

First part. From the Invention of Vacancy

The invention of idleness – or the art of getting lost is an essay novel about getting lost and being alive, about going out into the world and into the stranger. This excerpt is from the first part of the book.