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Ana L. Valdés

Valdés is a writer, anthropologist and activist.

«The wild thinking»

Authors: Ursula K. Le Guin – pronounced anarchist, feminist, visionary and prophet.

Blackwater – from Iraq to Venezuela

SOLDIERS: What are the consequences of «outsourcing» the war in such a sensitive area as the Middle East?

13 years in Guantánamo without any evidence

Ahmed Ahjam was captured in Pakistan in 2001, accused of belonging to Al Qaeda. Although the United States never found any evidence, he was imprisoned at Guantánamo for 13 years.

On walking in today's Europe

Fabian Göranson paints a melancholy and loving portrait of a continent that is still alive in the past, but desperately looking for a viable future.

From folk hero to dictator 

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega is more and more similar to his violent and dictatorial predecessor. 

Meeting Shirin Ebadi

Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi was recently at the Voy X La Paz Peace Conference in Uruguay, where she participated in talks on human rights and possible paths to peace.

The bitter legacy of colonial violence

The "Me Too" movement continues to pave its way through the western world, but the slogans have no echo among African women.