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Andrew P. Kroglund

Kroglund is a critic and writer. Also Secretary General of BKA (Grandparents' Climate Action).

Black Bible for a Green Future 

The 169 representatives who take the Parliament this fall should receive the best intentions as a welcome gift.

The possibilities and impossibilities of globalization

Globalization smooths the differences between rich and poor worldwide, but increases inequality in individual countries.

Gude Man

Do you think you control your own destiny? The real power lies with the networks.

The gourmet and the future

The green shift in agriculture is on the way. Soon the cells from one cow can produce 175 millions of burgers, and the farms will direct the machinery from the tablet. 

The hunt for the green

In a Norway where waste volumes are growing, food soil is being reduced and greenhouse gas emissions are increasing, Eivind Hoff-Elimari will awaken its citizens.

The inherent devilishness of monotheism

The monotheistic religions have led the world to the edge of the cliff with its twisted view of nature, believes religious historian Jens-André P. Herbener.