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Be prepared

A former hacker delivers a gloomy account of our privacy at a time when technology giants are absorbing all the information about you. Some simple precautions can be beneficial.

Matt Destruction Weapons

In her disturbing account of upcoming data modeling, computer scientist Cathy O'Neil shows how the numbers themselves widen the gap between those who have and those who don't.

The machines are coming

Authorities around the world need to take steps to prevent mass unemployment and social collapse, Calum Chace believes.

24/7 surveillance

Big data is the new gold. Everything from coffee machines to lego blocks can be equipped with sensors for data collection.

From monopoly to power

What happens when goods and services are spread in people's own hands? Now people are making their own electricity and designing their own goods using 3D printing. 

When the information floods

We must begin to claim our right to be disconnected.

Technological developments threaten our collective memory

We humans need to know where we come from. Today's vast amount of information can, paradoxically, make it harder for future historians to know what the world is like today.

To plot people on the map

The traditional nomadic people of Mongolia are changing. Authorities are plotting the population on maps to get hold of them.

Lawlessness and dehumanization on the internet

The technology thriller about the online game Nerve is a fascinating internet dystopia with alarming many parallels to reality.