Theater of Cruelty

Aslak Storaker

Storaker is a regular writer in Ny Tid, and a member of Rødt's international committee.

New European security architecture

UKRAINE/RUSSIA: The authors of this book believe that the European countries should loosen their ties with the United States in order to achieve constructive results in what can be considered a European security problem. Two parties can only achieve security together with the other party – not at the expense of it.

Russia's problems with the transition of power

NERVØS ELITE: The Russian elite is preparing for a change of power in 2024. The elite struggles with declining legitimacy among ordinary people, but so far, people's dissatisfaction is reflected in apathy.

"You may not be interested in the war, but the war is interested in you."

BORN: With his new book The NATO Complex, philosopher Jon Hellesnes insists on the honorable dissident tradition of Luxembourg and Liebknecht.

Defense budget for increased confrontation

Is it wise to undermine Norwegian base policy?

Insights into a totalitarian dictatorship 

What kind of country is North Korea, and what do we really know about the North Koreans? 

The war and the collective memory

Who writes the story? The communist resistance struggle during the war was long diminished.

"All the warring parties in Syria are criminals"

We met Syrian peace activist Maram Daoud during the world's largest peace political festival.

Not here, and not anymore

The Russia-Georgia war in 2008 was to show that the NATO expansion eastward limit had been reached. With the Ukraine crisis of 2013 – 15, it was exceeded. 

The 19. World Youth Festival

World peace – just a dream? Not for the young people who meet at what is probably the world's largest peace political festival.