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Commentator in Ny Tid. Avnery is a former member of the Knesset in Israel. Israeli journalist and peace activist (born 1923).

American Jews' agony of conscience

A flock of older, well-educated Jews who cheer, clap and jump, who obsess over every sentence that comes out of their mouths to a populist clown with clown hair. What on earth has happened?

Under the Lime Trees

People around the world don't like complicated situations, especially if they make it difficult to distinguish between friends and enemies.

The end of democratic Israel?

The nation-state is becoming a saga. 

The real threat to the world

They march forward on what appears to be a victory, but no one seems to understand the real danger.

War crimes? We?

If you wage war, you commit war crimes – something else is inevitable.

Who will save Israel?

The battle is over. The dust has settled. A new government – partly ridiculous, partly frightening – is in place.

A boy named Bibi

Perhaps the most insightful story of Benjamin Netanyahu is that of the middle son of the great father complex.

"There are still judges in Jerusalem"

This week I won a dubious award: A Supreme Court ruling breaking new land was named after me.