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Bernard Dichek

Romania's bad conscience

Radu Jude: Dead Nation (Tara Moarta)
HOLOCAUST: A doctor's diary reveals the troubling story of how Romania treated the Jews during World War II.

Mossad agents lighten the veil

Duki Dror: Inside the Mossad: Imperfect Spies
The documentary Inside the Mossad reveals former Mossad agents' spy stories from the inside – some of them even about recent events. 

The head of state who planted his trees himself

Yariv Mozer: Ben-Gurion, Epilogue
Ben-Gurion, Epilogue is based on a hitherto unknown interview recording with Israel's highly esteemed Prime Minister.

Another stone in the wall

Moran Ifergan: The Wall
The Wailing Wall is a place of immense importance to millions of Jews. What role does it play in Israel's everyday life?

The enemy of my enemy is my friend

Magali Serre: Hissène Habré – Prosecuting and Embarrassing Ally.
MOVIE OF THE MONTH: Anyone who thinks that under certain circumstances it may be morally right to support a tyrannical regime should watch this film.

Need to tell

Zaradasht Ahmed: Nowhere to Hide.
A Norwegian film finally won at the world's largest documentary film festival in November – documentation of everyday life in Iraq, seen through the camera lens of an ordinary citizen who ends up as a refugee himself.

Disbelieving DiCaprio

Fisher Stevens .: BEFORE THE FLOOD. 
Melodramatic music, National Geographic style and a Hollywood celebrity are not enough to make a good documentary on climate change.