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Bianca-Olivia Nita

Nita is a freelance journalist and critic for Ny Tid.

Overloaded child

Anna Zamecka: Communion
Without adults to keep track of their daily lives, a young girl assumes responsibility as the head of the family.

The ideal society is not on television

Jana Magdalena Keuchel and Katharina Knust: Last Year In Utopia
A televised reality show aims to create the ideal society, but instead becomes a dystopian experience for the participants.

Modern slave

Bernadett Tuza-Ritter: A Woman Captured
Slavery has not been abolished. Here is the story of a woman's slavery and the impact the filmmaker's presence has on her life. 

The triumph of self-destruction

Hendrick Dusollier: Last Days in Shibati
Who do we become when the place we come from disappears?

Political theater

Milo Rau: The Congo Tribunal
The Congo Tribunal shows us a country turned into a war scene. 

When glimpses of humanity become grotesque

Håvard Bustnes: Golden Dawn Girls
In this documentary, we follow three of the women in the top management of the right-wing Greek party Gyllent Daggry.

2000 miles of lost lives

Stanislaw Mucha: Kolyma: Road of Bones
Kolyma: Road of Bones is a reminder of the suffering Stalin's regime inflicted on the Russian people.

improvisation Surgery

Erik Gandini: The Rebel Surgeon
Swedish surgeon Erik Erichsen was fed up with social isolation and heavily bureaucratized working days in Scandinavia. He now spends his time developing his own form of creative surgery in the Ethiopian countryside.

Coffee at the end of the world

Mikael Lypinski: Desert Coffee
In the North American desert, a group of house occupants has created their own community. Here, the common morning coffee is one of the fixed points of life.