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Bjørn Hatterud

To make a point

Once in my life, I have also really tasted shame and stigma. That's when I came out as gay in Brumunddal.

In the bottom form

Some of the best works in art history have been created by artists who have been to institutions. Judith Scott was such an artist.

The facts go

Being overweight is rarely a coincidence. And if anything makes it worse, it's shame and guilt. 

De levende døde

Our helplessness is almost total when we meet a human being who can never be the same again. Death has become a taboo, it was said a few years ago. We have done something about this – death ...

Smile at the hidden camera!

Who really loses the most on eternal surveillance?

Dirty in high block

Both socialist and conservative thinking can lead to unwanted abuses against those who are on the fringed outskirts of society.

Turn off those damn mobile cameras!

The other day, I experienced a civilian breakdown in the roller coaster in an amusement park. It involved mobile cameras and ruthless curiosity. And a lifesaver person.

Privatized police state

Guards are allowed to unfold on society's weakest. The other day, a friend of mine got to taste the scales.

We are dying

To constantly do something is the foremost mare of contemporary culture. Not doing enough is the biggest taboo of our time. It's time to get nothing done!