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Carima Tirillsdottir Heinesen

Former journalist for MODERN TIMES.

Ministry of Peace

Can we stop war with war? No, believe several organizations in the Norwegian peace movement. Up until the September elections, they are intensifying their work for their own Ministry of Peace. 

The truth of the one, the truth of the other and the truth

Were Norwegian documentary filmmakers tricked? Ny Tid investigates the allegations in a controversial film that NRK is now considering showing. 

Want to earmark your treasure for peace?

MODERN TIMES has calculated that peace organizations could have transferred 100 million through such a scheme. When a government can respect citizens' right to refuse to participate directly in war, the State should also be able to grant citizens the right to refuse to pay for the same war, the Peace Tax Alliance in Norway believes. ?

Peace tax movements internationally

The peace tax movement is substantial, with activists in a wide range of countries.

Xenophobic asylum doctor at Trandum

"Build a border fence against Sweden – don't wait until the invasion is underway!" The doctor who is considering whether people at Trandum are healthy enough to leave the country is also an active debater on immigration-hostile websites.

Inadequate health care

A large number of suicide attempts, frequent use of isolation and lack of psychiatric follow-up: The health service at Trandum faces both concern and criticism.

Punished for protesting

Farmers and indigenous peoples in Latin America are subject to government and military sanctions.

Palestinian resistance on the poster

What exactly does the Palestinians struggle with Israel's occupation? This is a pervasive issue when the Joint Committee on Palestine the 16. October organizes this year's conference.

Want to show another Syria

Recently, Space organized a three-day conference at the Literature House in Oslo. "People don't flee to Europe or Norway because they want a new life. Most people would actually prefer to stay in neighboring countries, ”says Syrian human-rights activist.