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Carsten Juhl

Juhl resides in Copenhagen.

Political biology

DESIRE: About the intersex subject and revolutionary impatience. A resistance made possible by the 'potentia gaudendi', the reserve of unrestrained 'pleasure potency' which constitutes the basic assumption of the philosophy of desire from Reich to Deleuze and Guattari. 'Polemical non-fiction'? Paul B. Preciado takes up Engels' confrontation with the norms of "the family, the state and private property".

Late fascism is here

CAPITALISM: The West's 'thin' fascism, which Bolt analyzes, is there especially because there is currently nothing else. Which does not rule out that it will one day grow as "thick" as Russian and Chinese fascism.

The understanding of the possible

MARX: Mikkel Bolt takes hold of the many uprisings of our time. He belongs to the theorists who would have liked to see the settlement of what we might call state and party Marxism.

Those responsible go free

What good is it that the War Criminal Tribunal in The Hague possesses extensive material when it lacks international political will to bring Syrian executioners to justice?

History-Metaphysics and Decay

What consequences has the Second World War had for mankind's position in modernity?

The Swedish academy between the ideals of literature

In the case of the Swedish Academy, it is the conflict between the ideals of literature and the monstrosity of abuse that becomes decisive.

Journal: May

In the March issue of Ny Tid, we started with a column about Swedish magazines. It continues here and will come again at regular intervals.

Magazines: March

Three Swedish magazines with local editors and international visions.

The art and the sense of life

The recently deceased art theorist Mario Perniola could be so searching in his books that these are only understood when the last words are read.