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Dag Herbjørnsrud

Former editor of MODERN TIMES. Now head of the Center for Global and Comparative History of Ideas.

Guess is cowardly!

Norway needs a culture canon. But it is not what most Norwegians seem to believe.

This is what we want with New Time

Our editors have figured out how to proceed Orientering- and the Sigurd Evensmo tradition in the best possible way. Now we need your support on Tuesday.

Seeing the light in Iraq

Rector Rawafid Shahad looks optimistic at the upcoming Iraq elections. She means to speak on behalf of the majority of Iraqis when she challenges the Norwegian left.

Misunderstanding from Human Rights Service

On September 30, Ny Tid put the spotlight on the Human Rights Service and their report media-covered "Immigration through marriage". Editor of Young Muslim, Athat Akram, got to speak with the criticism he has in his counter-report ...

Holmgang should walk the plank

TV 2's Holmgang with Oddvar Stenstrøm is a danger to enlightened democracy in Norway, writes editor Dag Herbjørnsrud.

The blue danger

This year's parliamentary elections revealed the blue danger for Norway in the 21. century: Progress Party progress. Dag Herbjørnsrud comments.

Bets on New Time

Martine Aurdal goes from the feature department in Aftenposten to the debate pages in Ny Tid. At the same time, Fritt Ord allocates NOK 400.000 to weekly newspapers.

The fear of America in us

With the essay "We Who Loved America" ​​(1966), Jens Bjørneboe (1920-1976) created the martial art that, from the opposition to the Vietnam War, has explained why we Europeans now no longer love America, but rather hate it.